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Countdown continues, Balo’s War is with printer

t was an exciting week at the Cardenas household as we receicved our “proof” copy of Balo’s War. It was a great sense of accomplishment holding the book in our hands after working so hard on the manuscript during the last several months. 
The manuscript was actually completed about eight years ago but for various reasons remained in my files until late last year when I realized that 1915 would be the centennial of the Plan of San Diego. I decided it was time to take it out, spruce it up and publish it. 
So when we got the book this week it was a great feeling. Of course, the excitement quickly wore off as I had to go over the entire book one more time to try to catch any last minute edits. As much as I would like it to be perfect, I know it is not. But, it is as clean as I have been able to make it.
A couple of days ago we gave the printer the final ok to begin printing the books. We should get them with plenty of time before the debut book signing scheduled for San Diego on March 27, at the old district courtroom. The book signing will follow a forum of local history buffs, yours truly included, who will discuss “El Plan de San Diego: 100 Years Later.” I will join Candelario Saenz, PhD and Eunice Garza, PhD in the program, beginning at 6 p.m. The book signing will began after the program, around 9 p.m.
For those of you who will not be able to attend the event in San Diego, or who live outside the area, you can order your book(s) from our Web site Those who already preordered your books will most likely receive your books on or before the book signing.
Looking forward to seeing many of you at the book signing where I will begin discussing characters, plots and the motivation behind writing the book.

Balo’s War debut is less than four weeks away

Balo’s War is scheduled for release in March and guess what month this is—you guessed it we are already in March. This weekend we uploaded our book to our printer and are now anxiously awaiting a proof copy, which should arrive this week.
We also finalysed the cover for the book, which you see here. My family have all been involved in helping me get the final manuscript ready. My daughter Monica and son Matthew both read the manusript and offered many helpful edits. My daughter Christina is preparing herself for our debut book signing in San Diego where she will be in charge of taking your payments for your book purchases. We will accept cash, checks and credit cards. My wife Genie, as always, is making sure we all stay on schedule. 
Speaking of the debut book signing in San Diego, the Duval County Historical Commission has announced a change of venue. Instead of the High School Auditorium, the Plan de San Diego forum and book signing will be held at the old District Courtroom at the Duval County Courthouse. Many thanks to newly elected County Judge Rocky Carrillo for his help in securing this site and for his commitment to the Historical Commission’s mission. The historic district courtroom will provide the perfect setting for this event.
One other announcement: noted Plan de San Diego historian Dr. Ben Johnson has offered a very warm review of Balo’s War, which will appear on the back cover of the book and is now on our Web site’s home page. Dr. Johnson, author of “Revolution in Texas: How a Forgotten Rebellion and Its Bloody Suppression Turned Mexicans Into Americans,” wrote about Balo’s War “A modern fictional account of the Plan de San Diego, just in time for its centennial!  The main characters and plot work well to tell the story of the uprising and where it fits into the larger history of South Texas and the border.”
The countdown is on, less than four weeks for the debut of Balo’s War.