Mission book signing yielded media coverage

The turnout for our Mission book signing was not quite what we expected but it was good, nonetheless. The Speer Memorial Library did a great job promoting and hosting the event and we are very grateful to them.

While we did not have an overflowing crowd, those attending were very attentive and courteous. And everyone who showed up bought a copy of the book.

Signing book at Mission Speer Memorial Library.
Signing book at Mission Speer Memorial Library.

The McAllen Monitor wrote a piece about the book signing before the event and then interviewed me on MLK Day and ran a super piece on January 19.

Novel sheds light on South Texas history

Although the plan has been researched, there has not been much written about it or will you find it in many history books. Cárdenas is a native of San Diego and a former two-time mayor of the town. He received a Bachelor’s of Arts in political science from St.




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