La Voz de Amor nearing release, Summer 2016

MCM Books will soon release its second book. La Voz de Amor is scheduled for release later this summer, perhaps as soon as the end of July. The book is a collection of Spanish poetry written by Servando Cardenas, mostly in the 1930s although several date to the 1940s and at least one to the 1970s.

DadCardenas began his writing of poetry at the tender age of 10, after the death of his mother. His mother’s passing had a great impact on the youngster and played a pivotal role in his poetry. His first publication was in Mercedes in 1927 with a literary journal called Alma Azul. He came to San Diego circa 1930 and after being deported returned in 1933. He published a second literary journal in San Diego called Alma in 1938-41 and his final literary journal, Cumbres, from Victoria, Texas (1939-41). Many of his poems were also included in his weekly newspaper La Voz published in San Diego in 1935.

While many of his poetry appeared in these publications, he was also published throughout Latin America, including  Cuba, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Spanish language newspapers in the American southwest.

His poems sometimes were localized, such as were “Fiesta de San Diego” and “Álbum de La Libertad”, in which he pays tribute to the beauties of his adopted hometown. Among the young ladies who received poetic flirtation in his poetic rhymes were Pajita Garcia, Alicia Gonzales, Carola Palacios, Enriqueta Garcia, Maggie Rivera, Antonia Cuellar, Eva Moreno, Licha Salinas, Lidia Saens, Hortencia Garcia, Chole Villarreal, and Maria Irene Puig.

The poem “Elegia” he dedicated to friends in Beeville, namely Celestina A. Gutierrez, Severo Almaraz  and María Almaraz on the passing of their mother, Tomasita G. Almaraz. He dedicated the poem “Confesion” to a friend, Paco Romano. The poem “Espera, Corazón!” was dedicated to his friend  Agustín Peña, also of Beeville. And of course he dedicated poems to his wife Aurora Esparza, his father Servando and his mother Rafaela.

While these poems recognize people in his family, community, and in his circle of friends, most of his works were general in scope. They all dealt with love in one form or the other. His works on romantic love also include several works on unrequited love. He writes about familial love, patriotic love, cultural love, and spiritual love.

In tribute to the writer, the entire book is in Spanish, his native language. It therefore may have a limited audience but it is truly an epic tribute to Cardenas’ poetic achievement. Since we do not anticipate widespread interest in this book we will have a limited printing. If you think you would be interested in having a copy please fill out the form below. You do not have to pay now or even buy it when it is out, but it will give us an idea of how much of a printing to do.


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