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BALO’S WAR Book Signing – Kingsville Visitors Center

For more information, call 592-6381

Kleberg Public Library to host book signing for author of ‘Balo’s War’

The Robert J. Kleberg Public Library is inviting the public to attend a free lecture and book signing by Alfredo E. Cardenas, author of “Balo’s War, A Novel About the Plan of San Diego, TX” on Saturday, Feb. 27, from 10 a.m. to noon.

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Plan of San Diego book signing March 10

A vivid description of the Plan of San Diego will be discussed at 6 p.m. Thursday, March 10, at Kelsey-Bass Museum and Event Center 101 South Washington Street in Rio Grande City. Speaker will be Alfredo E. Cárdenas, author of the recently published historical novel “Balo’s War, A Novel About the Plan of San Diego.”

Newspaper Article and New Historical Novel Call Attention to 1915-6 Violence

The first media coverage of our project came out on Sunday, in this article in the Austin-American Statesman. And this morning in my mailbox I found a copy of Balo’s War, a work of historical fiction about the violence of this period by Alfredo E. Cárdenas.

Author, Former San Diego Mayor Describes New Novel and Centennial Commemoration of Plan de San Diego

A standing room only crowd packed the historic Duval County District Courtroom on Friday, March 27, to hear a presentation on “El Plan de San Diego – 100 Years Later.” The program featured three Duval County native scholars, including Dr. Candelario Saenz, Dr. Eunice Garza, and author Alfredo E. Cárdenas.

Novel sheds light on South Texas history

The Plan of San Diego, Texas, which called for inciting a revolution in the American southwest, was given a spotlight last year with “Balo’s War,” a novel written by Alfredo E. Cárdenas. Last year marked the centennial of the Plan of San Diego.


16 de Febrero de 2016 La Fundación Historia de Rio Grande tiene el honor de invitarle el próximo 20 de febrero a las 10 de la mañana, a la presentación del libro histórico, “Balo’s War”, del autor Alfredo E. Cárdenas quien estará disponible para firmar ejemplares de su obra en la Casa La Borde.

Lleva ‘Guerra de Balo’ a discusión

Mission, Tx. Alfredo Cárdenas, autor de la obra Balo’s War (La guerra de Balo) estará visitando el sábado 16 de enero a las 14:00 horas la Biblioteca Pública Speer Memorial para discutir su novela.



Book signing by local author

Local author stopped at Alicia Salinas Public Library on Wednesday to promote and sign his novel.The Jim Wells County Historical Commission invited Author Alfredo Cadenas to discuss his novel, Balo’s War.”Although my book is fictional it is based on historical facts,” Cadenas said.The book is based on El Plan de San Diego; a historical event that occurred 100 years ago which impacted Duval County and South Texas history.

Jim Hogg County Book Signing

Speer Library to host author Alfredo E. Cardenas

Alfredo E. Cardenas will give a presentation at Speer Memorial Library at 2 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 16, in the library’s community room discussing his book, “Balo’s War,” accompanied with a slide presentation. Cardenas’s book uses fictional characters to tell their story. The characters are fictional but they are authentic.

El Plan de San Diego: 100 Years Later

By Beatriz Alvarado The impact of a 1915 manifesto that called for a revolution and insurrection against the United States will be discussed during an event in San Diego, a Duval County Historical Commission news release states. El Plan de San Diego: 100 Years Later will be from 6 to 9 p.m.

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